Thursday, October 22, 2009

Poster of the Week

Oh, So That Explains the Difference in Our Salaries!
Artist Unknown

Nothing is known about the origins of this anonymously designed image of two toddlers looking into their diapers to discover the differences between them. It has appeared on posters, buttons and coffee mugs since the 1970s and may have been designed much earlier. The longevity of the image can be compared to the Rosie the Riveter poster of the 1940s. Its popularity is due as much to its simplicity and humor as to its continued relevance. The persistence of the problem it depicts – wage inequity based on gender – is on­going. In the 1970s, women earned fifty-nine cents to every dollar earned by men; today they earn seventy-two cents. The version shown here was reproduced in 1988 by Northern Sun Merchandising in Minneapolis.

If you know something about this image, please contact us.

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