Thursday, December 24, 2009

Poster of the Week

How Can You Worship a Homeless Man on Sunday and Ignore One on Monday?
by Peter Cohen

When I arrived in New York City, I couldn’t believe so many homeless people were sleeping on the sidewalks. I started volunteering in a soup kitchen and came to realize that New Yorkers were burned out on it. Homelessness had been around a long time and some had even made donations but saw no improvement, so they gave up.

I happened to be reading the New Testament out of curiosity at the time, and I came across the passage in which Jesus refers to Himself as homeless. The whole idea just came together.

I decided to print 2,000 of the posters with the Coalition for the Homeless’ contact information. Rather quickly the Coalition started receiving calls about the poster they didn’t know existed. The director tracked me down, and that became the start of a campaign that raised hundreds of thousand of dollars, increased volunteerism and helped the Coalition to continue its work on behalf of the homeless.

Artwork © 2010 Coalition for the Homeless.

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