Thursday, March 24, 2011

Posters of the Week

The Good, the Bad & the Unthinkable

The Good : The Return of Former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Haiti

Haiti Will Rise Again
Eastside Arts Alliance
Jesus Barraza
Dignidad Rebelde
Silkscreen, 2010
Oakland, California

In 2004, Haitian President Aristide was kidnapped by U.S. soldiers, and forced to Leave Haiti for Africa. It was the second time that U.S. had forced the democratically elected president into exile. When Aristide announced earlier this month his plans to come back to his impoverished country, still reeling from the disastrous January 2010 earthquake and an ongoing cholera epidemic, the U.S. worked overtime to prevent his return. The New York Times reported that Obama even telephoned South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma, to prevent Aristide from getting a passport, but Zuma refused to comply. To add insult to injury, State Department spokespeople kept repeating the lie that Aristide had “chosen” to leave 7 years ago.

The Bad: The U.S. Bombs Libya

This Is the Result of Reagan Terrorism
Artist Unknown
Offset, 1986

CSPG’s Poster of the Week reminds us that this is the second time in recent history that the U.S. has bombed Libya…and again, the primary casualties are civilian.

The Unthinkable: Ongoing Nuclear Disaster in Japan
The tragedy continues to escalate. First a devastating 9.0 earthquake, followed by an even more devastating tsunami, followed by the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl–and it is still out of control. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal (March 15, 2011) reported that President Obama continues to promote the safety of nuclear power and wants to speed construction of nuclear-power facilities.

Nuclear Power Gives Us Everything
Richard Adams
Ecoropa; Reprodux Ltd.
Offset, Date unknown
United Kingdom

Text: Nuclear Power Gives Us Everything: Cancer, Accidents, Unemployment, Armed Police, Radioactive Waste. All this and Higher Electricity Bills too.

Take It To Wall Street
Stop Nuclear Investments

Annie Katz
SHAD Alliance
Offset, 1979
New York, New York

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