Friday, June 29, 2012

Poster of the Week

The Only Cure for a Sick America
Is SINGLE-PAYER National Health Insurance
Angela Fegan and Dave Howell    
Physicians for a National Healthcare Program
Salsedo Press
Offset, 2008
Chicago, Illinois

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts did not vote as anticipated on Obama’s healthcare program, and everyone is putting their own spin on his action, trying to understand it.  While many on the Right promise to overturn it as soon as Romney is elected, many on the Left are saying that it isn’t surprising that he voted for it since it will enrich the insurance companies. 

The most memorable action/reaction came from Fox News and CNN.  Both networks were so positive that the Supreme Court would invalidate the program, that they repeatedly but mistakenly announced that the individual mandate had been struck down. CNN political reporter John King described it as "a dramatic blow to the policy and to the President, politically." Fox News, too, announced that the Court had found the individual mandate "unconstitutional." 

One of the wittiest responses was, of course, visual.   Making the rounds on tv and the internet, was a photo-shopped parody of the famously inaccurate banner headline on the front page of the Chicago Tribune from November 3, 1948.  Truman had won, but the Chicago Tribune headline stated "Dewey Defeats Truman." The famous photo shows Truman holding up the headline.  The contemporary parody shows Obama holding up an Ipad, with the CNN page stating:  “Mandate Struck Down.”   Obama even heard the wrong news first on Fox…why is he even watching Fox?

Fortunately, the alternative press such as Pacifica’s Democracy Now ! used the opportunity to talk about a single-payer health care, or MEDICARE FOR ALL, which is the topic of our Poster-of-the-Week. 

Thank you to Physicians for a National Healthcare Program for letting us feature their poster. We may have 80,000 posters, but very few about single-payer. If any artists or organizations have posters about this issue, or any others, please contact us.


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