Monday, August 13, 2012

Poster of the Week

I guess I’ve just been holding my fire until I saw the whites of their eyes.
OK, I can see a pair of white eyes right now. Mitt Romney’s.

And that empty thought bubble floating above Mitt’s head. It isn’t that Mitt doesn’t have any thoughts. He just isn’t thinking about us.

Mitt has $ millions stashed in off shore, non-taxable bank accounts.
So, of course, Mitt’s first thought is that giving massive tax breaks to the wealthiest people and biggest corporations in the US is the way to kick start the US economy.
(The US government has been doing that for decades. How’s it been working out for us so far?)

I truly believe that you (and I) have more thoughts about what Mitt is thinking than he does. So....heeeere’s your chance: Word up and stick it to him!

Robbie Conal
Poster Artist and CSPG Board Member
Los Angeles, CA 


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