Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Poster of the Week

Save Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security
Xavier Viramontes
San Francisco, 2012

Our country isn't broke - It's being robbed.
The so-called fiscal cliff is actually a fiscal bluff — a made-up crisis to make us think our government is out of money and time. Congress continues to drag its feet over raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, despite the top 1% earning 23% of the nation's income, and insists on calling for cuts to vital programs instead of reining in massive subsidies ($100 billion in 2011 alone) to major corporations that already make billions in profits. America isn't broke — it's being robbed. 
Dec. 19, 2012 is ARTSTRIKE — a day of action to share powerful art and music that can convince our friends that more cuts and tax breaks aren’t the answer. Artists from across the country have come together to make their voices heard. It couldn't come at a more urgent time, as Washington, D.C. nears a deal that would slash Social Security and raises taxes on the poor and middle class. Stand up against cuts to vital programs and demand the wealthy pay their fair share. Corrupt billionaires, tax-dodging corporations, and those who serve them have manufactured this crisis and are refusing to pay their fair share.

As a creative community we can provide the tools people need to speak out and protect our most precious public programs from further deterioration.
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