Saturday, November 1, 2014

Poster of the Week

Nightmare on Bush Street
Paid for by:  Clinton·Gore '92
Offset, 1992
Little Rock, Arkansas

On Halloween eve, an even scarier date approaches - election day November 4.

This is one of the most imaginative U.S. campaign poster in the collection--and it really was paid for by the 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign.  All the text is below.  Please note how too many of the 22 year old slogans listed here haven't changed at all.  Others are surprising.

If you thought the original was scary...  Nightmare On Bush Street  Part 2
Four More Years
Leaving theaters November 3
Trickle  Down  Terror!
The Trickle Down Terror Of  Voodoo Economics:
·         See 35,000 Private Sector Jobs Fall  Victim To Bush's Recession!
·         Watch In Horror As Middle-Class  Incomes Plummet $1,600!
·         Duck Under Your Seat As The Debt  Explodes To $4 Trillion!
·         Experience The Worst Growth In  Fifty Years!

Blood-  Curdling!  Bush's Bloodcurdling Broken Promises:
·         Read His Lips As Bush Signs The Second  Largest Tax Increase In History!
·         Gasp As The Environmental President  Guts The Clean Air Act!
·         Shudder As Dr. Bush Pulls The Plug On  Health Care Reform!
·         Tremble As The Education President  Decapitates Head Start, Slashes Federal  Education Funds, And Stalks Student Aid!

From The Producers Of "The Recession That Ate My Job"
Starring George Bush As The Man With  A Thousand Faces
Also  Starring Truth as the First Victim · Nightmare On Bush Street - Part 2 
Executive Producer Ronald Reagan
Produced  By James Baker
Directed  By James Baker
Screenplay  By James Baker
Based On A Story By Herbert Hoover 
Best  Boy Dan Quayl [sic.]
Gaffer Marlin Fitzwater
Filmed In Lack-O-Vision
Edited  By the Far Right
Travel  Arrangements By John Sununu
Stunts  Coordinated By Richard Darman
Original Music By Pat Robertson and The Extremists 
D Rated D for Dismal and Disappointing  May Not Be Suitable For The Weak Pocketbook 

Any similarity to real leadership is purely coincidental. [union bug]®

Same Old Line Cinema 
·         Iran-Contra  Iraq-Gate  State  Gate  Cable  Television Bill  RIP  10/3/92  Resurrected  10/5/92
·         Emergency  Unemployment  Compensation  RIP  10/11/91
·         Family and  Medical Leave  RIP  9/22/92  Graveyard  Vetos [sic.]
·         Motor Voter  Bill  RIP  7/2/92
·         Civil Rights  Bill  RIP  10/22/90
·         Middle Class  Tax Cut  RIP  3/20/92

Paid for by Clinton-Gore '92

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