Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Poster of the Week

David Gentleman
Stop the War Coalition
East End Offset
Offset, circa 2003
London, UK

CSPG’s Poster of the Week marks the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War.  This dramatic but simple poster uses David Gentleman’s signature blood splatter to escalate the written “NO” into a SCREAMED,  


On February 15, 2013, a month before the war began, tens of millions of people demonstrated in approximately 800 cities around the world, trying to prevent the war—the largest protest in history.  This poster was carried in the London anti-war protest, where up to one million protestors gathered in Hyde Park.

DemocracyNow.org marked the 10th anniversary by presenting "The Costs of War," a new report by a team of 30 economists, anthropologists, political scientists, legal experts and physicians about the impact of the Iraq War. The report found the total number of people who have died from the Iraq War, including soldiers, militants, police, contractors, journalists, humanitarian workers and Iraqi civilians, has reached at least 189,000 people, including at least 123,000 civilians. Financially, the report estimates a cost to U.S. taxpayers of $2.2 trillion, a figure that could one day approach $4 trillion with the interest accrued on the borrowed money used to fund the war.

It is critical to remember that the war, as so many other U.S. wars, was started on a lie.  The lie behind the Iraq War claimed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.  This lie was compounded by the continual linking by the George W. Bush Administration, that Saddam Hussein was directly involved with the September 11, 2001 attack on the U.S. It is also important to remember that the Viet Nam War escalated due to a lie that U.S. destroyers were attacked by the North Vietnamese in the Gulf of Tonkin. 

When will we ever learn?


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