Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FACTS to Honor CSPG! Call for Posters!

Center for the Study of Political Graphics will be honored by Families to Amend California Three Strikes (FACTS) at their 10th Annual Awards Dinner.

Look to the Future: Educate, Don't Incarcerate
Saturday, March 20th
Cal State Dominguez Hills.

For more information on the FACTS 10th Annual Awards Dinner contact:

Freddie Lawson
Families to Amend California's Three Strikes
3982 So Figueroa St #210
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Call for Posters!

CSPG wants to acknowledge the importance of FACTS' work and help propel their efforts forward by putting out a call for posters to abolish California's cruel and unusual Three Strikes Law.

Selected submissions will be displayed/projected at the awards dinner and on CSPG's website.

Submission deadline:
March 12, 2010

California's Three Strikes Law is the most punitive in the nation. Since 1994 we are the only state where a shoplifting charge can trigger a life sentence in prison. The law dictates that anyone with two or more violent/serious felonies in his/her past can receive a sentence of 25-to-life after the commission of the next felony.

The result of this barbaric sentencing: 349 people serving 25-to-life for petty theft, 689 serving 25- to-life for drug possession, and 461 serving 25-to-life for possession of a weapon. The list goes on.

The state's populace has been polled over and over since 2002 and they consistently concur that the law is abundantly unfair and shamelessly wasteful of human life and scarce resources.

From its origins as small support groups of local family members, which coalesced in 1997 to form a larger network, FACTS has grown into California's foremost organization fighting to change the broadest and harshest Three Strikes law in the nation.

To donate posters, please contact:
Center for the Study of Political Graphics
8124 West Third Street, Suite 211
Los Angeles, CA 90048-4039
telephone: 323.653.4662

Criteria for Posters:

1. Must be produced in multiples such as silkscreen, offset, stencil, litho, digital output etc.
2. Must have overt political content.

Your posters can assist FACTS' important work!

FACTS stands for an eventual abolition of the law but because of the political climate they are focusing their current efforts on amending Three Strikes to apply only to violent and serious felonies.

FACTS has been instrumental in getting reform legislation introduced 10 times since 1995. In 2004, they were an integral part of the Prop 66 campaign, which involved placing an initiative on the ballot to amend the Three Strikes Law. An injection of $3.5 million in the last few weeks of the campaign enabled Governor Schwarzenegger to run literally 100's of 15 second ads to create a climate of fear and misinformation. Prop 66 went from a 70% approval rating three weeks before the elections to a ballot loss for its proponents.

FACTS is currently preparing for legislation in 2010 and another ballot measure in 2012.

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