Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Poster of the Week

If Women Were Paid the Same Wages
by Nancy Hom for the Women’s Economic Agenda Project

I created this piece at Mission Grafica for the Women’s Economic Agenda Project, a group committed to fighting for the basic human rights of all Californians. WEAP focuses on obtaining economic justice for poor women and their families, the hardest hit by wage inequality.

At the time, I was inspired by what it says in the poster: “If women were paid the same wages that men of similar qualifications earn, about half the families now living in poverty in this country would not be poor.” It struck home to me that we could eradicate half the poverty in this country just by paying women their fair earnings.

But the inequality still exists. According to the current WEAP website: 13% of women are in poverty while only 10% of men are. 28% of single female-led households live in poverty, over double the number of male-headed households in poverty.

Artwork © 2010 Nancy Hom.

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