Friday, January 29, 2010

Poster of the Week

Howard Zinn: Inspired Agitator
by David Lester

I illustrated and designed this poster of Howard Zinn after seeing him on a television program in 2009, where he enthusiastically expressed the idea that progressive social change could be achieved through small groupings of people working together rather than change always being based on a mass centralized group. It felt refreshing to hear in a time when the weight of it all can be depleting and hopeless. That we can all make social change seems to me to be a vital political message. As part of this process I've been designing an ongoing poster series called "Inspired Agitators" that highlights the work of activists like Howard Zinn. As well, I perform in the underground rock duo Mecca Normal (with Jean Smith) where we show the "Inspired Agitators" series as part of a lecture/presentation called "How Art & Music Can Change The World".

Artwork © 2009 David Lester

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