Friday, January 15, 2010

Poster of the Week

Las Drogas Causen la Juventud Perdida
by Malaquías Montoya

My other “voice” is the poster/mural. It is with this voice that I attempt to communicate, reach out and touch others, especially to that silent and often ignored populace of Chicano, Mexican and Central American working class, along with other disenfranchised people of the world. What better function for art at this time? A voice for the voiceless. My personal views on art and society were formed by my birth into that silent and voiceless humanity. Realizing later that it was not by choice that we remained mute but by a conscious effort on the part of those in power, I knew that my art could only be that of protest – a protest against what I felt to be a death sentence. We must not fall into the age-old cliché that the artist is always ahead of his/her time. No, it is most urgent that we be on time.

Artwork © 2008 Malaquías Montoya

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